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 Grahics TrueSpace 3 - 3d modeling and animation
Since I'm sort of graphically challenged, I haven't had the nerve to fire this program up. It almost looks too good to be freeware. But some of you out there may decide to give this one a try.
Website - Quote from the website
trueSpace3 is a 3D authoring tool which Computer Graphics Magazine described as: "a remarkable program that stands out for its modeless interface and price-performance accomplishments....there's no question that at a suggested retail price of $795, this program delivers value that is tough to beat." Now you can have this remarkable 3D authoring tool for free!
Quotes from ig_no_its at CHC who had the time and guts to give this one a try
Its to much for the avearage Joe! ... the minium monitor resolution required 1280x1024 and lots of Ram Min 512 ... looking through the tutorial is a waste of time whoever wrote it had very little trainning in techical writing-personal observation.
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