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 help Outlook Express - HTML editor?
I'm posting this because I was asked a question about converting text to html. While there are a couple internet sites to do this for you and umpteen different HTML editors that do the same thing, I thought you might like to know that Outlook Express also does a good job. The links below show a picture demonstration of each step.
Open Outlook Express and click the Creat Mail button.
In the new message window that popped up, go to View Source Edit.
Now this is something you may not have seen before.
There are now three tabs at the bottom of the window.
The Edit tab is now on top and we are ready to compose a message.
Here's the message I typed in.
I can make it fancy with the editing buttons on top of the text entry area.
Now I'm done with the message, see what happens below when I click the Source tab.
Dang! don't that kinda look like html. Yes, real sloppy html, but it still works.
Once you have the Source open you can edit it directly to fix things (if you know what you are doing). Or you can go back to the Edit tab and Click File Save As and pull down the Save as Type menu to HTML Files (*.htm, *.html) then save it. Hey, I just created an HTML file using Outlook Express.

You can use the Preview window to see if the hyperlinks you make work right.
You can insert pictures but check the source code and make sure you are pointing the image source at an Internet location when you plan on using this online.
I found out that you need to uncheck Send Pictures with Message in the Format menu to keep Outlook Express from using local references for images.
You can only insert tables by typing in the code in the Source window.

Now go out and make web pages ...
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