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 Desktop Galaxies Screen Saver
First, let me warn you. Going out and getting "free" screen savers is very risky. I don't do it often because most of the time the so called "free" means it is either time limited or crippled or displays nag messages. Sometimes they are just crammed full of spyware. If you want to look around for screen savers just be aware of this and scan the download with your anti-virus program and make sure you run a full spyware scan with Adaware and Spybot after you install them. I'd also recommend you get a good program uninstaller like Total Uninstall to install them with.
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A sophisticated, high-tech FREE screen saver that displays 3D galaxies and lets you adjust various properties. Watch as the "camera" tours the universe, visiting the galaxies. Fun to watch!
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews