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 Desktop Restore Desktop - helps put desktop icons back where you had them
Guest review from Buddy:
I have used a simple desktop utility called Restore Desktop for many years with no problem.  Its a small script that writes a new entry to the right-click context menu when on the desktop.  After arranging all your icons where you would like them to always be from now on, you simply right click the desktop and choose 'Save Desktop'.  A confirmation window opens, you say yes, and that's that.  From now on all you have to do is right click the desktop and choose 'Restore Desktop', and all icons will return to exactly where you left them. This is especially handy after screen resolution changes.
Thanks Buddy, I have to change my screen resolution sometimes to check on the way my newsletter looks. I may give it a try.

Website - Freeware

Quote from the website - Restore Desktop - is a Windows Context Menu addition that automatically saves and restores the icons' positions on the Windows desktop after a resolution change.
How many times you change screen resolution and discover that your neatly placed icons have shattered all over the screen. No more! Restore Desktop magically restores icons' positions after display resolution changing. You can also restore saved icons' positions manually by control-click on the desktop.
The utility is very small, works automatically and requires no training at all. Just install it and forget about improperly placed icons on your Desktop.
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