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 Disks CDrecord - free cd and dvd burning tools
Dirk Paehl has written a whole collection of tools that allow you to copy, rip, and burn CD's and DVD's. His software supports nearly all types of CD's and many DVD's. I tried out his tool called Visual-ISO because I don't have a CD writer on this PC. What does it do? Visual ISO allowed me to create backup CD image files called ISO's. Now I can move the ISO's to another PC with a CD writer and burn the CD's there. I can also use the ISO's as a virtual CD. Once I had followed Dirk's directions I had no problem creating ISO's and it was very fast. If you need help, they have a support forum also.

Website - Freeware

Quote from the website - On this site you can find cool burning software for your CD or DVD burner. All software are free for privat or commercial use. If you have a problem visit my forum first.
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