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 System XPlite - trim the fat out of XP
Microsoft Windows is well known for being an operating system that tries to be everything for everyone. That means there are lots of extra's that most of us will never need. Over the years some people have learned how to trim Windows down to make it more stable and more secure. There are also Lite versions for Windows 98 here. The trial versions are free and do not expire.
Website - Quote from the website
This TRIAL version of XPlite Professional and 2000lite Professional is a single program that works on BOTH Windows XP and Windows 2000! That's right - one program for BOTH operating systems. Even better, the trial program is entirely self-contained. There is no bulky installation program and no un-installation program. They are not needed. Just place the program where YOU want it. An uninstall button on the about tab will remove the program entirely from your system.

The LitePC free TRIAL is yours to keep!

  1. Copy the TRIAL to your Windows XP or Windows 2000 desktop
  2. Double click on the program icon to start
  3. Accept the License
  4. Add and Remove Windows Components

Yes it really is that easy!

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