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 Grahics Paint.NET - excellent free replacement for MS Paint
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Guest Review from Brett:
MS Paint, the graphics application that comes bundled with Windows Operating Systems is a quite basic package. It is adequate for producing very simple graphics but not suitable for creating anything too fancy.
However, there is an excellent free replacement for MS Paint that offers much more sophisticated graphics manipulation capabilities. Paint.NET looks a lot like MS Paint, but boasts advanced features such as the ability to use layers, a number of built in effects, photo and image adjustment options and a lot more. runs on Windows 2000, XP, or Server 2003 and is written in the C# programming language.

Quote from the website -
Graphic Design
    * Layers
    * Near unlimited history (limited by disk space)
    * Various Brushes
    * Many special effects and adjustments
    * Auto-Levels and manual Levels adjustments
    * High quality bicubic and super sampling image resizing
    * Magic Wand selection tool
    * Clone Stamp tool
    * Red Eye Removal
    * Ability to acquire pictures from a scanner or camera directly into Paint.NET (Windows XP/2003 only)
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