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 Desktop Webshots - see the fall colors on your desktop
I've been using Webshots for over a year now. Many people who drop by my house and happen to see my Webshots screen saver running ask me "Where did you get those awsome pictures? I'm never slow to tell them that they can have the same pictures for free. Webshots Desktop application does like to run when the PC starts up, but I've got mine fixed so it doesn't. All you have to do is disable it using MSConfig.

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The Webshots Desktop is the most advanced photo management application ever created! It displays stunning professional photos as your screensaver and wallpaper, and provides innovative tools for sharing your personal photos on the web. It's easy to upload, store and share photos on your personal Webshots homepage, and you can then add your personal photos, plus millions more from the Webshots website, to your screensaver and wallpaper.
The Webshots Desktop software does not contain spyware or adware of any kind.
It does not install any tracking software on your system, or collect personal information about you and your browsing habits. Webshots software does not "spy" on other programs you run or web sites you visit. We also don't serve monitor usage or serve ads from the client software. The Webshots software does not come bundled with any third party software. 
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