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 Email Vemail - send voice emails to your friends
Here's a small program that will allow you to easily send voice  messages to your friends and family. The download was small and the install was easy. I had to go into the options to set it up to use my ISP's SMTP server. After I did that it worked very well. I started playing around with the different codecs it uses to record the message and had some trouble getting it to record good voice messages. I think you are better off leaving those set to the default settings. Once it's set up, the program is very simple to use.
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Quote from the website - Vemails are much faster than typing. They improve electronic communications by letting people speak rather than type. You will also find Vemails more personal because voice is much easier and natural than typed text. The software is very easy to use and in a short time you can be quickly sending Vemails where in the past you would have spent a long time typing.
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