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 Website Stand Alone applications are Power, Arm yourself
Website - Cool Website
The webmaster has categorized several applications that are "Stand Alone". This means that you can install them anywhere and the program doesn't rely on Windows dll's or registry to run. They also often will run on removable media like memory sticks or floppy drives, so that you can take them with you to use on any PC. This type of freeware is the best to have on your PC. Your system will run faster without a bunch of gunk clogging your registry. The webmaster of this site also recommends keeping your C: drive clean of un-needed applications by loading them on a partition or another drive.

Quote from the webmaster - Stand Alone applications are Power, Arm yourself ... Standalone applications are perfect for tweakers. My C: drive is only using 500 Meg for Windows and the programs files. No program files are installed except Windows Media Player. My own XP version only uses 6 services, all the others ones are not installed or disabled. Booting my PC from Bios screen to Windows only takes 9 sec !
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