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 Email Thunderbird tutorial - a very good tutorial for first time users
This tutorial is a great resource for those of you who are willing to try out the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Thunderbird is an email program that can be a replacement for Outlook Express. It's easy to use and most people feel it's much safer to use than Outlook Express. I've tried it out and I think it's an excellent email client. It's not too bulky, runs well and it's updated often for security. Best of all it's completely free, with thousands of users and great support at the Mozilla forums.
Thanks go to MikesWhatsNews for this tip


Quote from the website - Thunderbird, and other Open Source programs, are products developed by a community of developers. As everything else, this community ain't flawless. IMHO it seems they use too much energy and time developing programs, and fighting the everlasting battle against monopoly. I'm sure I'm not the first one to think about this, but what if the community had spent more time enlightening the masses? I don't see myself as a guru when it comes to handling programs, yet Thunderbird is quite easy to use.
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