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 Utility RAM Medic Free - ram memory optimizer 
To be truthfull, I've always believed that these memory utilities were a waste of time. Now I'm not so sure. This seems to help prevent my system from crashing unexpectedly and I usually expect to crash after awhile. I have WinME and apparently IE6 has a bad memory leak. After I've surfed awhile I sometimes run out of memory and things go crazy. While running this program it doesn't happen without a warning at least. I don't buy into all the claims but this program may stay awhile till I get my system back on track.
Quote from the website
Do not go to Iomatic - use this version at SnapFiles
The version at Iomatic is trialware and adware infested, thanks for the heads up Brian.
Whether you have an older machine with a small amount of RAM, or a new faster machine with loads of it, RAM Medic will help your computer run at its best
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