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 System BigFix Consumer Edition - fix the security on your PC
Many of us don't really care too much for Windows Update website. If that's true for yourself, BigFix could be a viable alternative. The Big Question for BigFix is "Can you trust them?". My opinion is that you now have two companies to choose from when you update. Microsoft is in business to sell you more software. BigFix is in business to sell security systems for PC's. Now who would you trust more?
I tried out BigFix and it was easy to install and easy to use. I set my copy of BigFix so that it doesn't run on Windows startup. I also found that BigFix wasn't compatible with my antique copy of ZoneAlarm. I just turn off ZoneAlarm while I use BigFix. I have a router NAT firewall so leaving ZoneAlarm turned off for awhile doesn't put me at risk. BigFix displayed 6 updates that my system needed. I installed all the fixes and now I'm good to go until the next time I run BigFix.
Conclusion: BigFix for the average consumer should be used as an additional source of fixes and should not replace going to the Windows Update website. BigFix is a great free program and doesn't seem to have too many problems. It should be a valuable source for security fixes and gives me additional confidence in the security of my PC.
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Quote from the website - BigFix is a program that can intelligently detect and correct all kinds of problems on your computer, usually before they get a chance to mess up your computer. With BigFix, you are protected from known bugs, security holes, and problems caused by outdated software, letting you do more and crash less every day.

BigFix usually runs in the background, monitoring your computer for problems and conflicts. You can be sure that BigFix is running if you see the blue icon near the bottom-right corner of your screen (called the system tray).

Every day, BigFix automatically gathers information about the latest bugs, security alerts, and updates from BigFix Sites around the Internet. This way, BigFix is always up to speed on the latest problems.
Whenever BigFix detects a problem, it alerts you by flashing the blue system tray. To fix the problem, click on that flashing icon to open BigFix.

BigFix has been designed to fully protect your privacy. No information about you or your computer will ever be sent off your computer by BigFix without your express permission.
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