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 Website Scroogle - search the net without ads
I've become so used to seeing ads everywhere that I don't even see them most of the time. I've never been bothered by Google's ads but some people hate them. Some of these ad haters have put together a spot on the web where you can search Google without seeing the Google ads. I like it so much I put their search script on my reviews page. I've also paid my webhost a few dollars to take their ads away. My Xanga blog sites are another matter. They want too much money to get rid of the banner ads. Maybe you won't notice them.
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Quote from the website - Public Information Research, Inc., the nonprofit public charity behind and, has been running a Google proxy for more than two years. On January 3, 2005 we released the source code for our proxy. Our review of the legal situation has convinced us that we are covered by "fair use" under the Copyright Act.
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