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 Website XPedition - how to set up a freeware pc
The owner of this website is a young multi-talented savant who wants to help others. He says "I'm a young doctor learning cardiac surgery in this city. I'm also the "system administrator" of our clinic and our colleagues. I often help them with their computer related  problems. Because people in Hungary are usually not very rich they don't buy too much software. I don't use illegal and warez software so I've been searching for free possibilities for 2 years. That's why I'm also a Linux user and I'm using only free software under Windows too. I decided to start my webpage to help other people know about other ways they can use computers." Clif says "Keep up the good work Doctor."  If I ever visit Hungary, I'm going to look you up.

XPedition - Cool Website
Quote from the website - This site would like to demonstrate for the home Windows users how they can develop a free yet powerful and secure system environment. It tries to help in the duties of system installation as you can easily reach and install all of the components from the device drivers to the video editing tools with one or two mouse clicks.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews