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 Disks Snowbird Search - lighting fast file search utility
I've been using a file search program called Agent Ransack for almost two years now. I've finally found one that's got it matched for speed. Using this tool I can search my entire C: drive in seconds. Snowbird creates an html page on the fly as it searches then launches Internet Explorer to show it's results. That's very nice but doesn't let you manipulate the files with cut, copy, paste or sendto. On the other hand if I want to save a search result, all I have to do is save the search result html file somewhere. What's got me wondering is how in the world the author put all this power into a program that's only 20Kb in size. It literally downloaded in the blink of an eye. There is no installation needed. Just unzip it into a folder and run it.
Website - Freeware (tips - don't use * or ? - only use c: not c:\)
Quote from the website - Snowbird is the latest in hard disk search technology - a lightning fast search program that can search for anything on your computer, including data inside files, and automatically categorize the results into Documents, Pictures, Audio, etc. It is intelligent enough to display exact and close matches before other matches, unlike Windows' built-in search that can sort only by name or date. The program is a tiny 20 KB ZIP that everyone can afford to download.
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