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Editors WYSIWYG Web Builder - a new free web page editor
The author of this program says he started out trying to replace FrontPage Express. FPX was an old web page editor that came with Windows 95 and has since been relegated to the junk yard of old software. This program can do so much more than FPX could ever do. It's just about the perfect tool to help first time users publish web pages. It's easy to use and you don't need to know much html. You really only need to know how to upload files to your website. If you don't know much of anything about publishing on the web, the tutorials might help with that.
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Quote from the website - This project started as a replacement for ‘good-old’ Frontpage Express that used to be part of Windows. Just a simple, easy-to-use utility to generate web pages. Web Builder has almost all the features Frontpage Express had, but gives you much more freedom of where you put your web objects (such as images, text, tables etc).
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