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 System WinDriversBackup v1.09 - backup all your system drivers
Many people find that when they re-install Windows some things won't work right. Often they are missing important drivers. This utility promises to solve that problem but you must run it on a known good install before you re-install. I had tough time finding a trusted source for this download because this is the last known freeware version of this program. Once you download the installer save back a copy somewhere you won't lose it. Running WDB is very easy. Choose where you want to put the backups, then choose either Microsoft or all drivers and then click the Backup button. After WDB has done it's job you can find all the backed up drivers listed in folders with the driver names and re-installing a driver is simply a matter of locating the right one and double clicking the INF file.
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WinDriversBackup is a handy tool for backing up your Windows system driver files. Use this program to find and identify all drivers or optionally limit it to non-Microsoft drivers and then copy them to a backup directory of your choice. You can choose to copy all or only selected drivers.
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