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Editors  Advanced Diary - an excellent freeware diary
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Guest Review from Brett:
 Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying out Advanced Diary, an excellent freeware diary application. I’ve tried a few digital diaries in the past. In fact, I even created a fairly primitive one of my own using Visual Basic. However, Advanced Diary is by far the best I’ve used. (At least until I find the time, inclination and expertise to enhance my own

Advanced Diary has an impressive list of features, including:

· Ability to create multiple diaries
· Password Protection
· Extensive formatting options
· Calender or Document mode
· Very clean and intuitive interface
· Backup facility

This is remarkable little package, especially for a freebie!

The brand new beta version, which I'm currently trying out, also features an excellent spell checker and thesaurus.

Quote from the website -
• Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
• Flexible tree-like database structure.
• Password protection.
• Database encryption.
• Supports multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day.
• Supports Calendar and Document Tree modes.
• Printing.
• Ability to edit the print reports before print.
• Page header and footer are supported.
• Ability to export the print reports into RTF or HTML file.
• Powerful database search engine.
• Import and export features (rtf, txt, html)
• RTF support.
• Paragraph formatting.
• Image insertion.
• Bullets and Numbering.
• Hyperlinks to other database records or Internet/local/network files.
• Ability to work with tables.
• Spell checking and thesaurus.
• Simple iInstallation and uninstallation.
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