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  Screamer Radio - record and listen to internet radio streams
Screamer is a new program that lets you listen to internet radio stations and record them. In no time at all you could have a collection of tunes to listen to while you are offline. These are for your personal use only. You can run into legal problems when you try to share them with others. Screamer is a small download. The program has a few bugs in it but the author (a college student) is working on them.
Tip: To find hundreds of radio stations, just go to Shoutcast. To listen to them just right click on the yellow "Tune In" button and choose "Copy Shortcut". Now go to Screamer and click on "File" - "Open URL". The address you copied at Shoutcast will already be in the entry box. Just click "OK" and off you go.
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Quote from the website - There is little reason to listen to commercial FM radio anymore, it is an old medium that provides little choice of music and is saturated with ads. For the last couple of years there has been an alternative, streaming internet radio. An alternative that has been somewhat complicated to use. Screamer Radio attempts to remedy this problem by bringing most of the required steps into a single, easy to use, freeware program.
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