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 Internet RSS Feeds Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer - keeping up with your news links
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This RSS reader is one of the easiest to use for those of you who may be new to RSS feeds. The install is clean and quick. It includes an uninstaller in case you don't like it. Once the RSS Toolbar is installed you will see a new toolbar in Internet Explorer. It's very easy to use and modify to suit your interests. Many other web browsers have RSS readers built into them and now you can have it in Internet Explorer. If you use the Firefox browser, be sure to try out the Sage extension for RSS feeds.
Clif Notes Newsletter has an RSS feed. Right click on this and copy the address into your RSS feeder

Quote from the website - The RSS Toolbar makes it easier to stay up to date. Instead of browsing your 10 favorite news sites 10 times a day you can just add the news sites RSS feeds to the toolbar and have the latest news displayed at the top of the Internet Explorer all the time.  To read the full article click the Read button. This navigates the Internet Explorer to the article on the news sites home page. The feed manager dialog lets you add your own feeds, and select an update frequency.
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