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 Disks LC Iso Creator - a quick and easy way to rip CD iso files
I saw this program and I couldn't believe it was only 50kb in size. I just had to find out if it works. I downloaded the zip file and extracted it to a folder on my desktop. Then I just double clicked the exe file to run it. First it gave me an error telling me I needed to download a dll file called mfc42u.dll. So I went out and nabbed a copy of the dll and placed it in the new folder on my desktop. A second error came up when I tried to run the program. After studying the error for awhile, I finally figured out that this iso creator program required a Windows NT based OS. So I copied the program over to my wife's pc which runs on WinXP. The program works fine in XP and I was able to figure out how to use it instantly. It does make very nice ISO image files of the few CD's I tried. I also tried to get the image of a DVD with no luck.
Conclusion: Very nice little program. The author should have taken the time to state the requirements for running the program. I think it requires WinNT, Win2K, Win2K3, or WinXP and mfc42u.dll.

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