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 Grahics Picture Shark - stamp or watermark images
An associate of mine, BushPilot, recommended this software. I've used it occasionally and I found it was easy for me. That's saying quite a bit. When it comes to graphics creation, I'm all thumbs.
Website - Download - Freeware
Quote from the website - Picture-shark is the first choice for people who want to "stamp" visible logos or text on their image files. Here are some of picture-shark's features:
  • With its wizard like interface it is super easy to use
  • Create real watermarks
  • Choose transparent color, opacity, position and much more
  • Use the "feather"-feature to make the edges between the stamp and the picture smarter as with any other tool, just by one mouse-click
  • Very fast (processing hundreds of pictures each minute)
  • Support for different output formats and quality settings
  • WYSIWYG preview-mode for all settings
  • Support for preserving jpeg-headers
  • copy&paste between other applications and picture-shark
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