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  Free Services and Programs for U.S. Tax Time
It's U.S. Tax time. The IRS has a cool service now called Free File. I'm going to try it out this year.
Free File 

I found these two free programs at I've used TaxAct before and it was fairly easy. Sometimes they bug you to buy a deluxe edition but you can ignore that. Sometimes they want you to register at their website. You don't have to. Just don't use the program. There are lots of free fish in the sea.

TaxACT 2004 Standard Edition 1.0
Packed with more than 110 forms, this proficient tax app makes quick work of all your W-2s, letting you get your state and federal taxes done in a snap.
License: Free
TaxCut 1040EZ 3801
Focusing solely on the 1040EZ form, this handy tax package features a refund/owe monitor and checks for common errors related to your specific tax situation.
License: Free

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