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 Utilities  JustZIPit - Free WinZip Replacement
I really like the idea of a non-do-it-all zip utility. This zip tool does 99% of what you need to do with a zip file. If you need to unzip a file, just double click it and it creates a new folder with the same name and even opens it up for you to see inside. Need to zip up a bunch of files? Just select them then right click and choose Create a Zip file.
Quote from the website
JustZIPit is a tiny freeware ZIP program (a free
WinZip alternative) which simplifies ZIP compression to the bare bone! Discarding all clunky gadgets and wizards, JustZIPit ZIPs and Unzips with just one click from your context menu. No more interface nonsense -- JustZIPit and go! Hey, WinZip is a great program - with over 100 pages of in the user manual, it provides both function and entertainment. But if you just want to ZIP and Unzip, you'll love our free WinZip alternative "JustZIPit"!
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