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Temerc let me know that there is a new version of WinPatrol out. Thanks for the breaking news.

After reading last week's review of Winwall, a wallpaper changer, Nob sent me this.
If you want to see a nice program similar to Winwall (but better) go to and have a look to Wallpaper Master (free). Thanks for the good stuff and adieu.

Jean in Montana asked me questions about two reviews from last week's letter. She wondered why I didn't recommend MSN Toolbar and why I called WindowsGuard "crippleware". You can see my answer at the bottom of this page.
Sandy had gotten a free Gmail account from me and wrote to ask me if she could give me the 50 free invitations she now had. I wrote this back to her.
Thanks for thinking about me, but I have literally hundreds of invitations to give away. Gmail will soon be free for everyone just by going to their website. We won't have to invite people anymore.

David Syme asked me if I knew of any good places to find help with Microsoft Office applications. I told him to check with the newsgroups that specialize in Microsoft products. There are over 2000 of them.
The webmaster of Downloads Machine is looking for beta testers for some of his new freeware. "We are looking for those who can be available most times who can collect the test project and send us feedback within 24 hours of being notified"
If you are interested, go to this form and let him know.
Me2 at CHC offered this great tip on repairing Internet Explorer on Windows XP. Thanks Me2, keep 'em coming.

To everyone: I like getting messages from you. Don't hesitate to comment at the newsletter page or send me an email.
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