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 Disks Splitter light 4.0 - the very small file splitting utility
This is a utility that you really just have to have around but rarely use. I've used a lot of different file splitters over the years and this one is one of the best. A couple weeks ago I had to take a large file to my dad's house. The file wasn't big enough to burn to a CD and too big for a single floppy. That's when it's time for Splitter. It's simple to use and it's so small you can just add it to one of the floppies to help join the files. I always put a file splitter in my Windows folder and add a shortcut to it into the Sendto menu. That way I can call it from the DOS command line and Run menu or right click on a file and send it to the splitter.
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You want to save your data to floppy disks, but the file is too large ? With Splitter you can split the data in parts of 1.44 MB or other sizes. Because Splitter is extremely small (only 55KB), you can deliver it easily with the first disk for joining.
Splitter splits files or whole directories (including subdirectories).
You can select any size of parts you like.
Splitter is able to handle very large parts (only limited by the operating system).
No installation necessary, Splitter can run from a floppy disk.
The date of the original files will be restored.
Drag & drop from the windows explorer.
Splitter optionally creates batch files for rejoining.
Full commandline support.
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