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 Website Hoax-Slayer - a great place to check out the newest email hoaxes
This site offers a lot of information and almost as much humor. You can find out all about the latest hoax emails, scams, or general internet rumors. They also offer a free monthly newsletter. You should always research email before forwarding it, it could be a hoax. You should see my wife's inbox! Thanks to Jean in Montana for this tip.

Website - Cool Website

Quote from the website - Knowing how to spot the latest email hoaxes may be easier than you think! There are thousands of email hoaxes moving around the Internet at any given time. These email hoaxes cover a range of subject matter, including:

Supposedly free giveaways in exchange for forwarding emails.
Bogus virus alerts.
False appeals to help sick children.
Pointless petitions that lead nowhere and accomplish nothing.
Dire, and completely fictional, warnings about products, companies, government policies or coming events.
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