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Editors WordWeb - call up a dictionary from almost any program
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Guest review from Brett:
WordWeb and it is a stand-alone dictionary and thesaurus. The program sits in the System Tray and you can call it up from just about any program you may be using including your browser. To check a word, you simply highlight it and click the tray icon or use a keyboard shortcut. The WordWeb dialog appears and presents you with a definition of the word as well as a list of synonyms. If the word is spelled incorrectly, it will present an alternative where possible as well as a list of like words for you to choose from. You can substitute the word with one from the list by using the "replace" button.
You can also enter a word directly into the search field and have the search function present you with a definition, synonyms, antonyms and more.
This software is excellent if you are working in text editors, email clients, html editors or other programs that might not have access to the powerful grammar and spelling functionality of software like MS Word. It also very handy for checking the meanings of words you may encounter while browsing the Internet.
The program is compatible with Win 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

Quote from the website -
WordWeb is a cut-down version of the WordWeb Pro that is free for personal use. It includes a comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary, and can be used to look up words from within most programs. Features of the free version include:
Definitions and synonyms
Proper nouns
Related words
Pronunciations  140 000 root words
115 000 synonym sets
Look up words in almost any program
Millions of people from all over the world use this top-rated software.
The Pro version also has about 7000 more entries, plus word finding, anagram, editing, vocabulary-building and customization features.
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