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  Kodak EasyShare - edit photos
I ran across a review of this in Popular Science magazine. While I consider the software to have a number of problems, I'm keeping it around because it has easy to use photo enhancing abilities and it has a nice photo cd burning wizard. The software is "free", but it carries a small price in terms of privacy so I don't consider it true freeware. They require you to register the software. They claim to capture some "non-personal" information while you use the software. I signed up using a fake street address and a hotmail email address. I think I can live with any other information they capture because they promise not to resell it. I am not as paranoid about these things as many people are.

Quote from the website 
(if you don't want to register the software, go to and get a bogus login)

A simple way to organize, print and share.
Organize your pictures so you can find them instantly 
Make great prints at home, online or at your local retail store 
Share pictures faster and easier with family and friends
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews