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 System Moveit - move installed applications to another hard drive
This program seems to work. I tried it out on an installed program I have. It was a program I wasn't planning on keeping, so I wasn't worried about losing it or messing it up. Moveit gave me an error message and said it couldn't move my files for me but I just skipped the error message and continued. Moveit scans all the registry looking for references to the program you want to move. It changes the registry entries so that you can run the program from the hard drive you've chosen. It took a long time for it to scan the registry. When Moveit was done I just copied the program I wanted to move to the area on the other hard drive where I wanted it to run. It's not trouble free but it did work.
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Quote from the readme file - Having a lot of programs on your hard drive is a usual thing today, but someday such users certainly will face such problem as moving registered program from one place to another. It is a problem, because almost every program stores some data into registry (such as used file paths, for example), and you can't just move program folder from where it is to another location, because in 90% cases application will not run correctly anymore. So was before. Today MoveIT! will help you to solve this problem
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