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 System  Doc Memory - free tool to help diagnose PC ram chip memory
One of the fellows in our PC help group has problems with a PC crashing and displaying memory parity errors. Me2 always seems to know what to do when most of us are at a loss.
Review by Me2:
Use DocMemory to check for RAM failures.  Run the program to create a boot disk.  Click OK and click Make Boot-Disk, then scroll down and accept the agreement.  Insert a blank 1.44 MB floppy and click OK.  Boot the system from the floppy drive to test the system memory.

Website - Quote from the website

Vanguard Microelectronics Limited (VML) was formed in 1996 specifically to act as the European representatives for Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Vanguard, or VIS as it is most commonly known, is Taiwan's largest and most successful DRAM memory manufacturer. VML is Vanguards most successful sales rep, world wide, since 1995 we have sold in excess of $200m of DRAM and memory products on VIS behalf.
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