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Utility - File XVI32 - hex editor
If you ever need a hex editor to peek inside or change things in an executable or data file, I'd recommend you try this one out. It really does the job. XVI32 doesn't require an install, just unpack the zip file where you want it and then run it.

Quote from the website

- Easily works with huge files. Try to open a 60 MB sized text
  file with some other hex editor (not to speak about Wordpad),
  then use XVI32...
- XVI32 allows to edit files up to 2 GB (enough virtual memory
  provided, of course)
- For your convenience, XVI32 stores settings and last used
  search strings etc. in XVI32.INI file
- Progress indication in percent for most operations
- You can abort nearly all operations (reading/writing files,
  search, replace, print...)
- Display of both text (ASCII/ANSI) and hexadecimal
- Two synchronous cursors in text and hex area
- Fully resizable window (change number of rows and columns)
- Font and font size adjustable
- Overwrite or insert characters
- Insert text or hex string n times
- Switch byte offset (address) of first byte between 0 or 1 to
  examine also record structure of plain text files
- Search text or hex string, e.g. find "this text" or
  find "0D 0A"
- Search optionally with joker char, e.g. find "A.C" or
  "00 2E 2E 00" where "." = "2E" (user-defined) stands for
  any character
- Fast searching algorithm (Quicksearch) for both search
  directions (down/up)
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