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 Guest Respect2Glory - guest reviewer

Respect2Glory has informative websites where she reviews and lists trusted freeware, including Windows security programs. Also, as a devout Christian, she shares her life experiences and has links to other Christian websites.
Thank you Wife!

Quote from Respect2Glory - Software changes as often as the stock market prices, so I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars to protect my PC when there will always be good freeware to perform the same tasks.  We (Clif & I) have been like kids in the candy store (downloading every cute lil' program) until some hackers poisoned the candy (or the internet).  We've educated and armored ourselves with security programs and we download what we need, want and review.  We feel that we've seen the best, and most of the worst.  It's still very sad to hear about newbies losing their computers to bad software.  That's why we do what we do.  We try to inform and encourage people to share what is really most important, by putting their computer security first.  Running a computer is a bit like parenting.  You have to baby-proof (or hacker-proof) the thing before it makes a mess somewhere (or crashes)!  I try to stay informed by using ChangeDetection to monitor webpages, like security programs, or lists and polls, etc. sends you an email when a webpage changes.  Very unlike a program registration that wants you to know everything that's happening on their websites, instead of just the update you want. 

Respect2Glory's Freeware Review Page:  Click image to enter.
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