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 Guest George at Blogspot - guest reviewer

George has a great blog where he reviews freeware and offers up some of his PC wisdom. He has agreed to allow me to publish his reviews here at Clif Notes. Thanks George!
Quote from George - I evaluate free software on my web site at "George's Freeware Review Page".  It is not difficult to find
freeware on the internet but finding really good freeware can be a daunting task.  I only post reviews of what I consider to be the best of the best freeware on my web site.  Everything I review has no time limits on how long you can use the software and has no forced advertisements.  In other words, it is completely free to use.  I am not affiliated with any software companies or even a programmer. I don't have a hidden agenda. I just want to help you find the best free software that is available.

George's Freeware Review Page:  Click to enter. 
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