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 Crappy Zango - You do not need it
Lately I've been seeing many ads for the "free" tools and content you can get by installing Zango. They offer an all in one instant messenger service and lots of "free" games and web content. You must allow them to install an Internet Explorer toolbar called Zango Search Assistant which will track your web surfing habits and serve you two or three targeted website ads a day.
Conclusion: I read their privacy policy. I don't like it so I didn't try it. I don't need it and I don't think you do either.

Website - Adware / RegisterWare / Third Party content

Quote from the website -
Why is Zango always free?
Zango's online entertainment downloads and utilities are supported by keyword targeted advertising with the Zango Search Assistant, a tool that helps you find things online.

Zango can bring you content, downloads, and games free because we partner with online advertisers who want to bring you highly relevant information and offers that match what you are searching or shopping for online. In effect, they get to bring you their best products and offers while you browse.

Is Zango spyware?
No. Zango is an application that provides a valuable revenue stream for software and online content publishers as a way of sponsoring that content and those applications and continuing to make them freely available to consumers. We do not sneak aboard computers, and we do not collect any personally identifiable information. Our software simply delivers 2 to 3 targeted websites per day on average, as users are searching and shopping online. Without our sponsorship, dozens of websites and software applications would no longer be available to you for free on the Internet.
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