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 Help XP SP2 e-book - download a helpful guide to WinXP's Service Pack 2
I've seen quite a few problems with the newest update to Windows XP. Many people have even recommended you delay downloading and updating with it. This e-book may give you the information you need to help with any problems. All XP users will have to update to SP2 if they want to fix the security holes in XP.

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XP SP2 is more of an update to the OS (Operating System) than just a normal SP (Service Pack). There are many changes to the OS, as well as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. We have found it to be similar to when Win 98 was updated to Win 98SE.
Because of the nature of the new security settings for both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, an e-book has been written with many screen shots included. Myself (Robbie), with a couple of my friends, have written this e-book. This update isn't the end all of end alls for XP SP2, but a starting point for ones that want to upgrade to XP SP2. The guide isn't written in stone and can be changed to suit your current needs. Most of it is suggestions taken from our experiences of testing this through the many betas over 6 months. We hope that you will find this guide to be useful and timesaving.
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