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 System  WinXPatch v0.1 - tweak XP till you're blue in the face
Here is a great little tool for you serious tweakers out there. I haven't tried this one but it looks really cool. The author took all the XP tweaks in the "Windows Registry Guide 2003" and put them in this easy to use tool. If you really want to be safe you should download the Guide along with this program so that you know exactly what you are fooling around with. The WinXPatch download is a compressed "rar" file, so if you are not familiar with rar's (they are just like zips) then download an archiving tool that can uncompress rar files. I recommend 7-zip for jobs like that.
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This version has more than 100 registry and services configurations! This is Windows XP Professional and Home patch, it can patch any thing in registry and services. This is the WinXPatch v3.0 (programmed by me in 2002), I reprogrammed and released under new fresh version 0.1 It's easy to use, check and uncheck buttons. It has all the 'Windows Registry Guide 2003' configurations for Windows XP. But instead duing it manually every single setting, this patch will do it for you. 1st select (check) what you want to patch. 2nd click patch.
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