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 Security Spybot S&D 1.4 - new and improved version for stopping adware and spyware
This is still one of the best anti-spyware suites out there and it's still free. I noticed that Spybot was slowly slipping in the rankings. It's about time they updated. They've changed the look and feel a little bit and speeded it up. Most people could use real time protection from spyware and hijackers. If you don't have an intrusion detector, be sure to try out "TeaTimer", that comes with Spybot.
Thanks to Temerc for keeping me up to date.

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Quote from the website - Spybot-S&D 1.4 should work noticably faster than 1.3 during scans. And if you still don't like to wait, you can play our easter egg while scanning.
Improved tools
We've improved the Tools section that Spybot-S&D offers in advanced mode - the process list now offers a list of open network connection per application (Windows 2000 or newer only), helping you to quickly identify which applications are local and which do use connections to the outside. Our detection mechanisms have also been updated, from detecting and cleaning services over protocol filters to the afore-mentioned scanning in inactive installations registries.
Graphics remake, and more
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