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 Email - Don't give spammers your email address
This is a simple concept, but even I was confused for a minute. Let's say you want to register for some cool software or something and you are pretty sure if you give them an email address you'll start getting spam. The solution is here at this website. Just make up a name, any will do ("your_fake_address" for example), and throw some numbers in with it if you want. Now write it down somewhere. Now sign up for whatever you want and use as the email address. Any email the ends with will go to the website where you can view it easily using their filter. Just remember this, you can't keep anyone else from seeing the email that is going there. So make sure you don't give out any personal information that might appear in an email to Also be aware you'll see lots of really nasty email at, that's why they made the website. It eats spam, that's what it is for. Make it work for you.
Website - Quote from the website
Use email addresses for throw-away site registrations.
All email sent to is publicly readable right here.
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