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 Editors Skwyrul - personal information manager (pronounced "squirrel")
I use an older freeware PIM at work and I'm planning on switching to this one. It's got the main features I need and a few extras as well.

Skwyrul PRO v4.0a is a powerful information manager that allows you to store and manipulate data in many different ways. It is based upon a tree storage idea, but goes much further.
Multiple concurrent file access
Encryption [Blowfish]
Advanced Searching
PALM .doc creator and installer
Task Planner
Custom images
HTML exporting
In-note datagrids
Extensive note/text manipulation tools
Unique 2D Pivots
Hyperlinks [Internal and External]
Store images as text
Telephone No. dialing
Micro-email client etc. etc.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews