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 Security Privileges Risk & Logon - do not surf as administrator in Windows XP
OneStep is a member at the Computer Help Club. He wrote to us to tell us how dangerous it is to use an administrative account to surf the web and read email. I'm sure some of you have no idea what the differences are between an admin or limited user account. If that's true, then see this article. Here are instructions for creating accounts.

Quote from OneStep: Most home users create a user account which has administrative privileges.  This is a dangerous practice especially when surfing as any malware seeking to install inherits the user's privileges.  If you're logged in with admin rights the malware gets unfettered rights to your critical system files/settings too.  Thus, it is better to use a Power user or Limited user account for every day use and only use the inbuilt admin account for maintenance and installing/uninstalling stuff.
Microsoft has released a little utility that makes it safer for those of you who don't want to listen to advice and want to surf and email with full administrative privileges. It's called "Drop My Rights".

Quote from Microsoft: What if someone does want to browse the Web? Or read e-mail? Or do Instant Messaging and so on, and for some reason must run in an administrative context? If you look at the major threats to computers, they are from user interaction with the Web through tools like browsers and e-mail clients.
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