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 Website Martha's Web - are you a responsible computer user?
I've been aware of Martha's website for a few months now and I even have her listed in my "affiliate" section. She's got a link to my site and I've got a link to hers. Martha has a great website devoted to giving people help on the following PC Maintenance, Email, Outlook Express, Windows, Security, Photos, Fun Stuff and much more. I confess I haven't been to Martha's Web in a while and I was quite surprised to see an article from her in MikesWhatsNews, one of the newsletters I receive regularly. So I decided I'd better give her a plug as well. Sorry Mike, I know I shouldn't steal ideas from you, but you got a plug too!

Website - Read Martha's article on Browser Wars

Quote from the website:
Are You a Responsible Computer User?
If you answered 'Yes' to this question, how did you determine your answer?
Did you say 'Yes' because:

1. You have a virus scanner.
2. You don't open attachments.
3. You don't go to porn sites.
4. What you do on your computer is no one else's concern.

OK, now answer these questions ...
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