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 Internet Keep your favorite CD's handy - make virtual CD drives on your PC
A virtual CD is a copy of a CD that is actually on your hard drive but looks like it's in an extra CD ROM reader. If you learn how to create a virtual CD drive, you won't have to switch CD's in and out of you CD tray nearly as often. The virtual drive will also run faster than a real CD drive because your hard disk can read the information faster. That could make a difference on a graphics intensive game.
Below are links to two programs that I've reviewed. These two will allow you to create virtual drives on your PC's hard drive.
Creating a virtual drive is easy once you figure it out. First you put the original CD in your CD ROM tray. Then you make a copy of the CD called an ISO file using software like the LC ISO Creator. Once you have the Virtual CloneDrive software installed, you can right click on the ISO file and turn it into a virtual CD. It looks and acts like a new CD ROM reader on your system and will have it's own drive letter. You can take out the original CD because now you have a permanent copy of it on your hard drive and you can run the virtual CD just like it was a real CD.
If you still aren't clear about what's going on with this stuff, check out the article at PC World below called CD and DVD images.

Virtual CloneDrive LC ISO CreatorCD and DVD images - Tip
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