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 Security Internet Explorer Privacy & Security Settings - a full how-to on surfing safely with IE
How many of you have taken the time to make sure Internet Explorer is configured properly for privacy and security? This website shows you all the settings you need to be aware of and is one of the easiest to follow. This site was authored by the well known security analyst, Eric L. Howes.

Website - Tip
Quote from the website - This page provides a guided tour of most of the major privacy and security settings within Internet Explorer. We'll cover the following aspects of privacy and security in Internet Explorer:
How to find your Internet Explorer version
How to clear Temporary Internet Files & URL History
How to configure ActiveX controls, Java applets, scripting
How to configure cookies in Internet Explorer 6.0
How to selectively delete & manage cookies
How to configure Miscellaneous settings
Review the Internet zone settings
How to use the Trusted sites security zone
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