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 Website Google's file type search - with funny results
I received an email from my good friend in India, V. Subhash. I just had to share it with you because it not only highlights a great feature in Google, it makes webmasters aware of a security issue and also gives us a good laugh.
Subhash's Website - Google file type search - Quote from the email
Hi Clif,

Most people use Google's filetype search to look for Word files (DOC),
Acrobat (PDF), Powerpoint (PPT) files. I found that Google indexes a
lot of other file types. Several months ago, I did a search for
filetype:log and saw ftp log files for thousands of several sites.
Today, I had a brainwave and did a filetype:eml search. EML is the
extension for email files that you save to in Outlook Express.

When webmasters allow directory listing on their sites all files in
their server become indexed. The attached file is one such example.

V. Subhash.
<attached email here I had to post it at my website because I couldn't find it at google>
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