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 Security Eric Howes' Privacy & Security Page - university professor and security expert
I've been seeing writings and comments about this guy for a couple years now. Once I'd been to his home page at the University of Illinois, I saw why nearly everyone has something good to say about him. The sheer amount of good free information, Windows tips, and freeware programs is overwhelming at first. It doesn't matter if you are new to PC's or an experienced power user, this site has something for everyone.
Website - Cool Website
Quote from the website - This site contains links to numerous pages on the Web where home users can find software and information relevant to Windows PC privacy and security. It also contains a rudimentary "checklist" of basic steps that home PC users can take to enhance their privacy and security while using the Internet. Finally, you'll find a set of resources developed by the author of this site to help you protect your privacy and security on the Internet, including information about Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and the Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG).
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