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Editors EditPad Lite - a text editor with valuable extra's
Do you need a notepad editor with a little extra kick? I do, and I use EditPad Lite. Earlier today I opened over 400 html files all at the same time and did multiple search and replace operations. I wasn't worried about making mistakes because of EditPad's unlimited undo features. EditPad has nearly all the features I could want.
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Quote from the website - EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, designed to be small and compact, yet offer all the functionality you expect from a basic text editor. EditPad Lite works with Windows 95, NT4, 98, 2000, ME and XP. You can open as many files in EditPad at a time as you want. You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle with heaps of overlapping windows. EditPad does not impose a limit on the size of files you can open and edit with it. You will enjoy EditPad's unlimited undo and redo. You can even undo changes after saving them, as long as you did not close the file.
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