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 Help EMusic - Spybot S&D finds a new problem?
I updated my Spybot S&D on Friday December 3rd, 2004 and ran a scan. It found a new problem on my machine. It found EMusic.ico in C:\Program_Files\Emusic folder. So what is it? I looked in the folder and it only had the single ico file that Spybot detected. "That's strange", I thought. An ico file is just an icon and isn't dangerous. I did a search in Google. I typed in "spyware emusic" and the first hit was Spybot S&D Home page. They added Emusic just two days ago. It turns out that this was a harmless icon file that was added to my system when I re-installed Windows with the HP operating system disks. In other words "FALSE ALARM". It was probably just part of an ad campaign from HP. It's been on my PC for years and I never knew it. Even if I had found a full blown copy of Emusic, it turns out that Emusic isn't really such a bad guy. They just hang around with the wrong crowd and they don't always ask you if you want to install them. Thank you Mr. Spybot for keeping me on my toes. I would rather deal with false alarms than the real thing. It's very important to keep your defender programs updated and scan with them on a regular basis.

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