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  Don't throw away your old PC
Guest review from Jean in Montana:
You just got a new PC and want to get rid of that old box. You can't decide whether to just donate it to the Library or try and get a few bucks. Either way you need to do some clean up for your own protection. One thing you should never do is just throw it away. Most electronic devices contain mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous materials. The other danger is, of course having personal information fall into a strangers hands.
Just deleting isn't good enough. You will need to choose between "wiping" the entire hard drive (the easiest) or just the sensitive files. Wiping is the easiest but then someone will have to reinstall Windows for it to be of any use. It all boils down to how paranoid are you? There are several free programs that will do the job for you. "For most people, that free software is good enough. But if you think the FBI is after you, you'll want to spend some money for more security." These words of wisdom and their author's suggestions can be found here.,aid,117330,00.asp.
From JeanInMontana Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers.  Stay safe, have fun. Peace out.

Website - Tip
Quote from the website - You've got your new computer up and running. You've waited a couple of months. You're sure there's nothing else you want on your old PC. So what do you do with that big gray box in the closet?
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